A multidisciplinary group specialising in the research of past, present and future weather and climate.

Cyclone Hamish - March 2009

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CRG news

recent happenings in the climate research group

CRG Project - An X-band radar rainfall algorithm for SEQ

Title: ...

CRG Project - Bushfire Convective Plume Experiment

Title: ...

CRG Project - Climate drivers for Northern Tablelands NSW

  Title: ...

CRG Project - Climate history and archeology

Image: Gledswood Shelter I, located in NW Queensland (Lynley A. Wallis)

CRG Project - Convective storm and sea breeze front interactions

Investigation of interactions between the sea-breeze front and convective storm cold pools using an observational methodology

CRG Project - ENSO Influenced Air Pollution Dispersal Brisbane

  Title: ...

CRG Project - Kimberley Quaternary


CRG Project - Past climate proxy chironomid


CRG Project - Predicting climate NEQ

  Title: Towards Regional Climate P...

CRG Project - SEQ sand island contributions to atmospheric processes

SEQ sand island contributions to atmopheric processes

CRG Project - SEQ sea breeze modelling

Modelling the Gravity Current Dynamics of the Sea Breeze in South East Queensland

CRG Project - SEQ storms

The mesoscale atmospheric environment of south-east Queensland warm season thunderstorms.

CRG Project - snow pack isotope budget

(more coming soon)

CRG Project - Snowy Mountains pollutant transport

Environmental Fate of Silver and Indium used for Cloud-seeding in the Snowy Mountains

CRG Project - Snowy Mountains precipitation climatology

Alison Theobald

CRG Project - Teleconnection Meteorological Signatures in Tropical Australia

Image : Bureau of Meteorology (http://www.bom.gov.au/climate/enso/ as at 11 November 2011)

CRG Project - The Holocene of Northern Australia


CRG Publications

The following selected peer reviewed journal articles are those authored or co-authored by CRG staff and students since 2008.
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