The Course Coordinator for Industrial Placement is responsible for the academic delivery of the program and the Academic Supervisors. 

It is expected that the Course Coordinator: 
  • Will approved Placement projects and if necessary work with Providers to ensure the scope of the Placement offered to the Student is of sufficient technical content and complexity in order to meet the academic learning requirements of the Program. 
  • Consult regularly with the Academic Supervisors and ensure academic consistency across all the Academic Supervisors.  
  • Will work with Academic Supervisor, Field Supervisor and Student to resolve any problems that may arise during the student placement. If a dispute arises a meeting will be held between the Student, Field Supervisor, Academic Supervisor and Course Coordinator. If mediation is not successful at this level, the case is referred to the Program Director. If the Program Director is unable to resolve the problem to the satisfaction of all parties, University grievance procedures, as set out in the Student Charter will take effect.
  • Assist with ethical clearance if required for students who are working on research: 
    - using human participants e.g. undertaking surveys of the general public, children, the impaired or other groups in unequal power situations
    - involving animals (i.e. observation studies that may disrupt the animal’s normal behaviours or the capture, handling and restraint or transport of animals)
  • In the absence of the Academic Supervisor, Students and their Field Supervisors can communicate with the Course Coordinator. 


Last updated: Nov 8, 2013