Elin Charles-Edwards
Elin Charles-Edwards


Room: 35- 534
Phone: +61 (7) 3365 6515
Email: e.charles-edwards@uq.edu.au
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  • PhD in Geography, University of Queensland
  • Graduate Certificate in Higher Education, University of Queensland

Research Interests

Elin’s primary research interests lie in the field of population geography with a particular focus on migration and mobility. Her published research encompasses commuting and daytime populations, temporary population mobility and internal migration as well as population forecasting, small area deprivation and population ageing. Her research has been published in a range of academic journals and books.

Research Projects

  • 2012-2013, UQ New Staff Grant, Investigating the availability, feasibility and utility of ICT data for the measurement of temporary population mobility in Australia.
  • 2012 Australian Urban Research Infrastructure Network J. Corcoran, M. Bell, E. Charles-Edwards, Analytical tools for the interrogation of inter-regional migration flows matrices.

Research Students

Associate supervision of PhD students:

Teaching Responsibilities

  • GEOG2205 – Global Population Issues
  • GEOG2015 – Geography of Australia

Selected Publications

Bell, M, Charles-Edwards, E, Ueffing, P., Stillwell, J., Kupiszewski, M. and Kupiszewska, D. (2015) ‘Internal migration and development: comparing migration intensities around the world’, Population and Development Review, 41(1), 33-58. 

Corcoran, J., Li, T., Rohde, D., Charles-Edwards, E., & Mateo-Babiano, D. (2014). ‘Spatio-temporal patterns of a Public Bicycle Sharing Program: the effect of weather and calendar events’, Journal of Transport Geography, 41, 292-305. 

Bell, M., & Charles-Edwards, E. (2014). Measuring Internal Migration around the Globe: A Comparative Analysis, KNOMAD Working Paper 3, Washington D.C.:  The World Bank.

Charles-Edwards, E., Bell, M., & Corcoran, J. (2014). ‘Integrating Undergraduate Fieldwork into the Study of Human Mobility’, Australian Geographer, 45(4), 505-519.

Charles-Edwards, E., Bell, M., & Corcoran, J. (2014). ‘Greening the Commute: Assessing the Impact of the Eleanor Schonell ‘Green’ Bridge on Travel to the University of Queensland, Australia’. Urban Policy and Research (ahead-of-print), 1-18.

Bernard, A., Bell, M., & Charles-Edwards, E. (2014). ‘Life Course Transitions and the Age Profile of Internal Migration’, Population and Development Review, 40(2), 213-239.

Bernard, A., Bell, M., & Charles-Edwards, E. (2014). ‘Improved measures for the cross-national comparison of age profiles of internal migration’, Population Studies, 68(2), 179-195.

Bell, M., Charles-Edwards, E., Kupiszewska, D., Kupiszewski, M., Stillwell, J., & Zhu, Y. (2014). ‘Internal Migration data around the world: Assessing contemporary practice’, Population, Space and Place, doi: 10.1002/psp.1848 

Charles-Edwards, E., & Bell, M. (2013). ‘Seasonal flux in Australia’s population geography: linking space and time’,  Population, Space and Place. doi: 10.1002/psp.1814

Bell, M. and Charles-Edwards, E. (2013). Cross-national comparisons of internal migration: An update of global patterns and trends. Technical Paper 2013/1, New York, United Nations Population Division.

Charles-Edwards, E. and Bell, M. (2012) ‘Estimating the service population of a large metropolitan university campus’, Applied Spatial Analysis and Policy DOI 10.1007/s12061-012-9079-y

Bell, M., T. Wilson, and Charles-Edwards, E. (2011). ‘Australia's population future: probabilistic forecasts incorporating expert judgement'. Geographical Research 49(3): 261-275.

Bell, M., E. Charles-Edwards, et al. (2010). ‘Demographic futures for South East QueenslandAustralian Planner 41(3): 126-134.

Charles-Edwards, E., Bell, M. and Brown, D. (2008) ‘Where people move and when: temporary population mobility in Australia’, People and Place, 16(1): 21-30

Holmes, J., Bell, M. and Charles-Edwards, E. (2006) 'Growth, Stability or Decline? The Variable Population Dynamics of Queensland's Communities: 1971-2001', in Childs, I. & Hudson, B. (Eds), Queensland: Geographical Perspectives, Royal Geographical Society of Queensland, Brisbane.

Recent conference presentations

Charles-Edwards, E. and M. Bell. (2013). Searching for Visitors: the utility of web-sourced data for the estimation of temporary populations in Australia. International Conference on Population Geographies, 25th -28th June, Groningen, The Netherlands.

Bell, M., E. Charles-Edwards, et al. (2013). Comparing Internal Migration Around the GlobE (IMAGE): The Effects of Scale and Pattern. International Conference on Population Geographies. 25th -28th June, Groningen, The Netherlands.

Charles-Edwards, E., J. Corcoran, et al. (2012). Estimating service populations using ICT data: a case study of the University of Queensland 16th Biennial Conference of the Australian Population Association, 5th -7th December, Melbourne.

Wilson, T., E. Charles-Edwards, et al. (2012). Has Australian mobility declined in recent years? 16th Biennial Conference of the Australian Population Association., 5th -7th December, Melbourne.

Bell, M., S. Muhidin, and E. Charles-Edwards. (2012). Internal Migration in the Countries of Asia: A Comparative Analysis. 2nd Asian Population Association Conference, 26th - 29th August, Bangkok, Thailand.

Bernard, A., M. Bell, and E. Charles-Edwards Age Patterns of Internal Migration in Asia: A Cross-National Comparison. 2nd Asian Population Association Conference, 26th - 29th August, Bangkok, Thailand.

Muhidin, S., M. Bell and E. Charles-Edwards. (2012). Comparing Migration Measures Based on Transition and Latest Move. 2nd Asian Population Association Conference, 26th - 29th August, Bangkok, Thailand.

Bell, M., E. Charles-Edwards, et al. (2012). Comparing internal migration around the globe. European Population Conference. 13th - 16th June, Stockholm, Sweden.

Bell, M, Charles-Edwards, E, Stillwell, J, Duke-Williams, Kupiszewski, M, Kupiszewska, D, Zhu,Y and Lin, L, (2011) Comparing Internal Migration in Countries Around the World: Measures, Theories and Policy Dimensions, Plenary Presentation at the 6th International Conference on Population geographies, Umea, Sweden, 14th -17th June.

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