Dr Patrick Moss
Dr Patrick Moss


Associate Professor, Physical Geography


Room:  3-324
Phone:  336-56418
E-mail:   Patrick.moss@uq.edu.au
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  • BSc
  • BA(Hons) Melb.
  • PhD Monash
  • G. C. Ed (Queensland)  


Patrick joined GPEM in July 2004 from the Department of Geography, University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA and was previously employed as a Visiting Assistant Professor at the Department of Geography, University of Iowa, USA (2000 to 2002). He undertook his PhD at Monash University (thesis title ‘Late Quaternary Environments of the Humid Tropics of Northeastern Australia.’) and has a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) and a Bachelor of Science from The University of Melbourne, as well as completing a Graduate Certificate in Education (Higher Education) from The University of Queensland.

Research Interests

Patrick’s research interests are in the areas of late Quaternary (last 150,000 years) palaeoecology in Australia, particularly focussing on environmental history in subtropical Queensland, northern tropical Australia and Tasmania, as well as Eocene (around 50 million years ago) palaeoecology of the Okanagan Highlands in British Columbia, Canada. He is also developing palaeoecological research in South East Asia and has research interests in contemporary Australian fire ecology. In particular his research is concerned with reconstructing past Australian landscapes and ecosystems to further understand their resilience and vulnerability in the face of contemporary and future environmental change, which will help to improve management and conservation planning for the future.

Professional Associations

  • Member of Editorial Board for Geographical Research, 2014 to present.
  • Member of Editorial Advisory Board for Australian Archaeology, 2013 to present.
  • Member of the Australian Institute of Nuclear Science and Engineering Archaeology and Geoscience Specialist Committee.
  • Member of the American Association of Stratigraphic Palynologists (AASP)
  • Member of the Australian Quaternary Association (AQUA)
  • Member of the Ecological Society of Australia (ESA)
  • Member of the Institute of Australian Geographers (IAG)
  • Member of the Royal Society of Queensland (RSQ)
  • Member of the Australian Archaeological Association (AAA)
  • Member of the International Mire Conservation Group (IMCG)

Research Students

Principal Supervision of PhD candidates :

Associate Supervision of PhD and MPhil candidates:

Selected Publications (RHD/Honours students in italics)

Moss, P., Mackenzie, L., Ulm, S., Sloss, C., Rosendahl, D., Petherick, L., Steinberger, L., Wallis, L., Heijnis, H., Petchey, F. & Jacobsen, G. (in press) Environmental context for late Holocene human occupation of the South Wellesley Archipelago, Gulf of Carpentaria, northern Australia. Quaternary International. Accepted 20 February, 2015.

Mackenzie, L. & Moss, P. (in press) A late Quaternary record of vegetation and climate change from Hazards Lagoon, eastern Tasmania. Quaternary International (2014), http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.quaint.2014.11.051.

Adams-Hosking, C., McAlpine, C.A., Rhodes, J.R., Moss, P.T. & Grantham, H. (in press) Prioritizing regions to conserve a specialist folivore: considering probability of occurrence, food resources, and climate change. Conservation Letters. Accepted 13 July 2014.

Rogers, P., Rogers, R., Hedrich, A. & Moss, P.T.(2015) Lichen monitoring delineates biodiversity on a Great Barrier Reef coral cay. Forests. 6, 1557-1575.

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Fletcher, T.L., Greenwood, D.R., Moss, P.T. & Salisbury, S.W. (2014) Palaeoclimate of the Late Cretaceous (Cenomanian-Turonian) portion of the Winton Formation, Central-Western Queensland, Australia: New Observations based on CLAMP and Bioclimatic Analysis. Palaios 29, 121-129.

Gontz, A.M., Moss, P.T. & Wagenknecht, E.K. (2013) Stratigraphic architecture of a regressive strand plain, Flinders Beach, North Stradbroke Island, Queensland, Australia. Journal of Coastal Research 30, 575-585.

Tran, D.B., Dargusch, P., Herbohn, J., & Moss, P. (2013) Interventions to better manage the carbon stocks in Australian Melaleuca forests. Land Use Policy 35, 417-420.

Barr, C., Tibby, J., Marshall, J.C., McGregor, G.B., Moss, P.T., Halverson, G.P. & Fluin, J. (2013) Combining monitoring, models and palaeolimnology to assess ecosystem response to environmental change at monthly to millennial time scales: The stability of Blue Lake, North Stradbroke Island, Australia. Freshwater Biology, 58, pp. 1614-1630.

Moss, P.T., Tibby, J., Petherick, L., McGowan, H. & Barr, C. (2013) Late Quaternary vegetation history of North Stradbroke Island, Queensland, eastern Australia. Quaternary Science Reviews, 74, pp. 257-272.

Moss, P.T. (2013) Palynology and its Application to Geomorphology. In Shroder, J.F. (Ed) Treastise in Geomorphology. Academic Press, San Diego, USA

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Tran, D.B., Dargusch, P., Moss, P. & Hoang, T.V. (2012) An assessment of potential responses of Melaleuca genus to global climate change. Mitigation and Adaptation for Global Change doi: 10.1007/s11027-012-9394-2.

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Current Funded Projects

2015 Australian Research Council Discovery Grant (DP150103875)
Title - A 140,000 year insight into the imprint of climate and humans on Australia.
Investigators - John Tibby (The University of Adelaide), Patrick Moss (The University of Queensland.
Amount- AU$381,140
2012-2015 Australian Research Council Discovery Grant (DP120103179)
Title - Naïve island landscapes: people and environmental change in tropical sclerophyll landscapes.
Investigators – Sean Ulm (James Cook University), Lynley Wallis (The University of Queensland), Patrick Moss (The University of Queensland) and Craig Sloss (Queensland University of Technology).
Amount – AU$450,000
2014-2015 Burnett Mary Regional Group Research Grant
Title – Effects of fire and vine weed within the Tinana Creek catchment, South East Queensland
Investigators – Patrick Moss
Amount - $AU26,288
2014-2015 Kimberley Foundation Australia
Title - Developing palaeoecological science in the Kimberley region.
Investigators – Hamish McGowan (The University of Queensland), Patrick Moss, Sam Marx (University of Wollongong) and Andrew Hammond (Central Queensland University)
Amount – AU$44,000

Teaching Responsibilities


  • CONS3017 – Landscape Ecology
  • CONS6017 – Landscape Ecology
  • GEOS2103 – Biogeography & Geomorphology
  • GEOS3102 – Global Change: Problems and Prospects
  • GEOS7103 – Biogeography & Geomorphology


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