QCPR possesses considerable expertise and experience in developing demographic software. The following population forecasting and visualisation programs are available for purchase.


POPACTS (Population Projections for rural Areas, Cities and Towns of  State) is our flagship multiregional population projection model. It produces projections for an Australian State or Territory, up to 15 sub-state regions, and up to 175 local areas. Projections for a State/Territory extend 50 years, whilst regional and local area projections go out 30 years. A key aspect of the local area projection model is that assumptions can either be made in terms of future migration trends or numbers of dwellings. The distinguishing feature of POPACTS is its simplified Excel 2010 user interface in which many model inputs can be made via drop-down menus and buttons.


HOUSEPRO is the household projection model linked to POPACTS. It implements the sequential propensity household projection model (described in detail here) and produces projections of the total number of households, households by type, and population by living arrangement.


POPART (Population Projections for an Area, Region or Town) is an Excel-based bi-regional model which produces population and household projections for a region of interest plus the rest of Australia. Projections can be either migration-led or dwelling-led. This is our simplest and most user-friendly model: most projection assumptions are set via pull-down menus, many outputs are displayed graphically, and summary statistics, such as growth rates and median ages, are automatically provided as part of the output.


POPCORN (Population Projections for a Country's Regions) is a low data input multiregional model which can produce projections for up to 75 regions over a projection horizon of up to 50 years.


POPSTAR (Population Projections for a State/Territory And its Regions) is a multiregional population and household projection model for an Australian State or Territory and 11 sub-state regions. Please email tom.wilson@uq.edu.au for more information.


SUPARMODEL is a Simple Uniregional Projections for A Region model. Being Excel-based it is highly user-friendly and contains a number of advanced visualisation features.


Last updated: Feb 4, 2015